Other Services

We offer extra services to help you meet your legal and court requirements. With us you can request RUSH shipping, Certified Proof of Enrollment Letters (POEL), and Official Certified Copy of Transcripts.

Extra services can be purchased according to the pricing below. There are no extra fees to receive a certificate. Once you complete your course(s), your certificate(s) will be emailed to the email on the account. Some courts and other agencies require a hard copy certificate. If this is the case, you can request a hard copy to be mailed to you at no extra charge.

For any of these services, please call: (830) 372-4555

If you request an original certificate, it will be sent using First-Class Mail by USPS. Please allow 7 – 10 business days for delivery.

Rush Shipping Services

UPS Overnight Delivery $35.00
UPS 2-Day Delivery $30.00
UPS 3-Day Delivery $25.00

To purchase Rush Shipping Services, please call: 830-372-4555.

Proof of Enrollment Letters (POEL)

POEL Pricing
Original Proof of Enrollment Letter $15.00

To purchase a Proof of Enrollment Letter (POEL), please call: 830-372-4555

Certified Copy of Transcript

These transcripts are a full documentation of your progress through the course and include full time stamps, grades, scores, and every question and answer provided. We hand grade, stamp, and certify every essay and open-ended answer. This document is a great tool and some courts, lawyers, probation departments, CPS offices and social workers require it. It is sent to you through email, if you need a paper copy, please let us know.

Certified Copy of Transcript Pricing
2 hours/weeks – 12 hours/weeks $15
16 hours/weeks – 24 hours/weeks $20
42 hours/weeks – 52 hours/weeks $25

To purchase Certified Copy of Transcript, please call: 830-372-4555.